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    Process Pigging Systems & Equipment ⇓
    IUS has been working with the process industry for many years and has incorporated Pigging systems consisting of Launcher, Receiver & Sensors. This system is especially designed to allow Bi-Directional operation in a Closed System that allows the pig to remain in the system until it needs replacement. IUS pigging system also consists of special pigable Tees, Elbows, Magnetic pig sensors and the pig. We have also completed various turn-key projects from engineering to installation.

    Automated Pigging System ⇓

    IUS fully automated systems are used for sanitary products from the food and beverages industry to the pharmaceutical industry where hygene is of the utmost importance. IUS pigging system allows the customer to clean the PIG after every pigging cycle. This allows the user to keep the system closed and eliminate any break required for cleaning. This saves Product, Time & Money. If you have a unique need for your pipeline pigging application, Our representative would be glad to meet you & understand your requirements to come up with the right solution for you.

    Manual Pigging System ⇓

    IUS's Manually operated systems are inexpensive ways to keep process piping clean while saving product. The Manual Pigging System is just that; you simply open the Launcher end, insert the pig and send it through the line where it is taken out of the pipe. Both Automated & Manual Pigging Systems are available for piping in different schedules, different pipe material and stainless steel tubing.