• Pharmaceutical Equipment

    Cleaning Room Pendants, Heat Exchanger, Mixing Vessels, Pressure Vessels.
  • Reactor & Mixing Vessels »

    » Reaction vessel are one of the most important equipments of any Chemicals, Drugs and Pharmacy industries.
    » Stirrer mixing vessel with magnetic drive or mechanical seal.
    » IUS manufactures high quality durable and safety proven tanks and pressure / reaction vessels as per CGMP standards.
    » Our experience ranges from simple storage vessels to complicated Chemical reactor systems with online auto mode recording & cleaning system.
    » We stand guarantee for the process engineering, Operational conditions and sequences.
    » We have unique combination of in-depth knowledge of engineering design with flair for documentation.
    » The technical implementation takes place by the external and internal installation of components such as mixing Units, heating or cooling. In combination with biological and chemical operational sequence.
    » Pressure vessel systems have contributed to the high Standard of living existing today in the technically advanced countries.
    » Their complexities are marvels of engineering capability as they continuously produce useful products.
    » There are various type of reaction vessel viz. Jacketed, Limpet coil in body flange or Welded types, Vertical or Horizontal reactors.

    Heat Exchanger »

    » Specially designed Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat from one system to another.
    » Various locations of Heat exchanger for pharmaceuticals are:
    a) POINT OF USE - point of use heat exchanger is used to regulate the process water temperature in hot loop.
    b) ONLINE - It is generally used for Purified Water during sanitization or to maintain system temperature in hot loop.

    » Construction : Shell and Tube type double tube sheet type.
    » MOC : contact parts SS316L EP.

    Clean Room Pendent »

    » Designed in accordance with International Pharmacopoeias & CGMP, FDA, USP standards.
    » Designed to take WFI and DM water loops, Electrical Cabling, Insulated Steam Line, Chilled Water and Nitrogen Line, Potable, Compressed Air line etc.
    » Easy handling and working and easy hookup to maintain a barrier between access floors.