• Food, Beverages, Cosmetics Etc 

  • IUS has been supplying and commissioning Pigging System for various industries since 2005. Pigging System are specially tailored systems to suit our client differently depending on their production process.

    Pigging is a vital process most beneficial to manufacturers of high viscous and expensive liquids. It is most advisable for processes which have numerous changeovers long process pipelines resulting in contamination or non recoverable product.

    Once Pigging System is designed and incorporated to our customers needs, it enables the following:

» Easy Cleanability

» Fully Automated

» Closed Pigging

» Product Recovery

» Multi Product Transfer

» Quick changeover between different products

» Reduced Contamination

» Low/ In-Expensive maintenance

IUS Pigging Systems are completely indigenous which enables us to always have a upper hand in cost. Thus helping our customers to achieve a quicker ROI. This also enable us to give a quick and precise after sales service.

Different types of Pigging Systems:

Since Pigging Systems are not off the shelf item, it can be tailored to the specific requirement of different customers.

Pigging System are generally categories as single pig system and dual pig system which are available with a optional closed washing system also.

This is generally incorporated into our customer process with either completely manual systems, semi automated systems or fully automated systems controlled by PLC and supported by either HMI or SCADA system, which is a very effective and precise solution.

One of Our Valued Clients




A. What is Pigging?

» In simple words pig is an object which is propelled through the pipeline. The pig dimension is larger than the ID of pipeline.

B. What is the objective of installing a pigging system?

» The main objective of Pigging System is product recovery.

» It also helps cleaning internal diameter of pipeline at regular interval.

» It enables multi product transfer.

» Quick changeovers can be achieved.

» Reduces Contamination.

C. Which industries incorporate pigging systems in their process?

» The technology of pigging is applicable to all industries whose process includes liquid transfers in pipeline.

D. Can high viscous liquids be pigged? 

» Paints, Cement, Grease, Oil etc for industrial and Shampoo, Conditioner, Cream , Toothpaste etc for Cosmetics and Soft Drink, Jam, Butter, Mayonnaise, Peanut Butter, Ice cream for Food and Beverages are easy piggable.

E. Can Pigging be incorporated in existing plant? 

» Since the technology of pigging is greatly supported by the internal diameter and surface of the pipeline, it is important that the pipe and pipe fittings are designed piggable. Special highly polished pipes, Bends, Tees and Stoppers etc are required to incorporate a Pigging System.

F. How does the Pigging logic work?

» IUS Pigging Systems enables us to create a wide range of logics as demanded by our customers manufacturing process. A cost effective and precise logic is created to suit our customers process needs.

G. Is Pigging System compatible with CIP (Clean In Pace)?

» IUS Pigging Systems are designed for overall compatibility with CIP.

H. Are there different types of Pigging Systems?

» Since design of a system is done as per the different process of our customers, there are various tailored designs for inlet and outlets and automated, manual and semi automated systems.