• Industry


    More than 10 years of experience, has taught us well in terms of product development and customer satisfaction, making us one of the leading equipment manufacturing companies from India.

  • Advanced


    With use of our Modern In-House Technologies combined with constant R&D, we can guarantee the Highest Product Quality to our customers.

  • Vast


    Specifically made Equipment for Industries like Paint, Oil & Chemicals, Pharma, Beverages, Dairy Industries etc;

  • Global


    IUS has setup over 100 projects across India & Abroad.

  • Excellent


    We truly believe in Customer Satisfaction, so we are available 24/7 to keep them happy.


Over the last two decades, IUS has been the pioneer in manufacturing of Most Advanced Equipments & Integrated Pigging Systems specifically designed to meet the demands of various Industries requiring high-precision setups. With our constant Innovation and Excellence combined with our State of the Art In-House Equipment we can Guarantee the Highest Product Quality to our Customers. Plus, we provide Excellent After-Sales Service & Maintenance for the supplied equipment. IUS proudly continues to serve over 100 Multinational companies in India and Overseas.

  • IUS Pigging Systems

    INDUSTRIAL Application

    At IUS, we manufacture pigging systems for all major industry applications. 

  • IUS Pigging Systems

    HYGIENIC Application

    We also manufacture pigging systems for all major hygienic purposes.

  • IUS Water Solutions

    Generation, Storage & Distribution.

    Custom made to exact requirements of usage & plant setup.

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    Client List (IUS)

    It's been our pleasure to serve our numerous clients across the globe, view the list to know who they are.